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Family Care

We provide care for all the family.  Our Associates (Dr Suzanne Nutt, Dr Michael McCrea and Dr Andrew Shannon) provide NHS care for the whole family whilst our Partners provide NHS care to children (under 18’s), if their parents are registered on a Smiles Membership Plan.

We believe that it is important that children become accustomed to visits to the dentists and are educated on the links between diet e.g. fizzy drinks and tooth decay.  For childrens future health, we believe we must assist parents to educate children on good oral health techniques and the importance of lifelong dental reviews.

The media periodically focuses on extreme cases of children requiring multiple fillings or even extractions and we believe that parents must take responsibility but we are here to assist.

Tips to help parents with their children’s visits to the dentist:

  1. Start them young and tell them, ‘it’s where we have our smile looked after’
  2. Keep it simple, especially the first visit.  Not too many details and be very positive about the experience.
  3. Don’t use words like ‘injection’, ‘hurt’ or ‘pain’.  Let the dentist use other words.
  4. Do a pretend visit
  5. Avoid taking them to adult checkups – anxiety from a parent will pass to a child
  6. Children cry and some have tantrums – we all know this and the dentist has seen it all!  Please accept some direction from the dentist and help him.  Its your child.
  7. Consider not using bribery!  Giving a sugary sweet after a visit sends the wrong message
  8. Explain that a visit to the dentist is a necessity not a choice.  Ensuring children grow up with a good, confident smile is a parents responsibility but the dentist is there to help