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Smile Makeovers

A smile makeover by Smiles Dental Care is easy, painless and can change your entire appearance virtually overnight. A great smile can help you feel more confident and in turn transform your social and professional life.

We believe that a healthy good-looking natural smile is not just something for the lucky few but something we can all enjoy, and what a difference it can make to your confidence! Our clients are constantly telling us what a difference cosmetic dentistry has made to their lives.

We offer a unique FREE COSMETIC CONSULTATION to discuss your concerns about your smile with no obligation.

Friends and relatives will wonder what the difference is. No one could imagine that a visit to the dentist could generate such a life changing results! A smile makeover starts with an initial consultation where we discuss the design of smile that you desire and that is right for you. We consider your lip line, facial shape jaw and eye symmetry, tooth size and natural smile.