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Teeth Whitening

We offer tooth whitening that can have dramatic effects to improve your smile quite quickly.

Only a dentist is qualified to provide whitening treatments and ensure that a good effect is provided safely using chemicals in a controlled environment.

Why not make an appointment now for a consultation with one of the Smiles Dentalcare dentists?

Teeth that have yellowed with age or stained from red wine, coffee or smoking often respond well to whitening treatment.  We offer a home whitening kit – we make clear plastic trays for you (after taking impression of your teeth), which ensure that the whitening gel is held on the teeth for the required time.

Your dentist is trained and qualified to prescribe these chemicals and they will explain how to complete the treatment at home.  As we make the trays in our own lab at the Practice, we can start a whitening treatment within 24 hours of an appointment.